Transportation of bulk cargo

Transportation of bulk cargo has certain specificity; therefore, organizing the process requires special skills, experience and professionalism of qualified personnel plus the availability of specialized equipment. Every order requires an individual approach to the choice of vehicle, machinery, route maping, or even the choice of speed.

A distinctive feature of bulk cargoes is their homogeneity and flowability. Some special features should be taken into account in process of transportation – in particular, no spillage of cargo on the road and small debris getting into the cargo should be avoided. Special care should be taken by the driver directly during transportation to prevent any shifting of cargo and not interfere with other traffic participants.

Highly qualified experts of our company carry out detailed preparatory work already at the bulk cargo carriage process preparation stage, taking into account all the minutest details; therefore they are ready to offer the most optimal logistics solutions to cater to your needs.

Transportation of hot asphalt with serving to construction machine

Hot bitumen mixtures transportation is a challenging task which can be solved by real pros only.

Sticking to temperature conditions is one of the critical components of the preparation and carriage of bitumen-concrete mixtures.  Various circumstances should be taken into account when calculating the time for transportation of hot bitumen from the place of manufacture thereof to the asphalt laying place: the intensity of traffic flows, the number of jams on the route, and the possible technical failures. All of these factors can lead to bitumen cooling in places of its contact with the air or truck body, which will adversely affect the quality of the asphalt pavement. Moreover, the presence of a highly-skilled expert is required when feeding the bitumen in order to preclude any crushing of asphalt receiver and to feed the required volume of asphalt precisely.  Exactly for that reason, working with that kind of materials is considered to be more complicated one and requires a professional approach.

Due to a vast experience in transportation of cargoes of that kind, the VESD experts know how to avoid any problems that may arise in process of working with hot bitumen-concrete mixtures, and treat each order with special responsibility.

Unloading of ships

Given the geographical position of Latvia, carriage of goods by sea is currently one of the most popular kinds of cargo transportation over long distances.

Out company provides vessel-discharging services through the use of special equipment and the subsequent delivery of cargo to the point of destination. We guarantee delivery of your goods in the shortest possible time, and we will provide caring attitude and the complete safety thereof.

International freights

VESD has a vast experience in the field of international consignments. We are always ready to ensure a high-quality transportation of goods over any distances within the shortest possible time at competitive prices.

The high-skilled experts of ours carry out a detailed preparation work taking into account all the minutest shades of the process, and they are always ready to offer the most cost-effective solutions in the sphere of logistics of international consignments, which allows one to optimize the clients’ expenses to a great extent.